B Bar D Aviation

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Sport Pilot Training

The company offers a flexible but comprehensive training program with a very experienced staff of Certified Flight Instructors at a location that has the benefit of putting the perspective pilot in a relaxed evironment with an aircraft traffic best suited for learning.


Private Pilot Training

We offer an affordable and flexible private pilot training program with a staff of very experienced Certified Flight Instructors.


Aircraft Rentals

S-LSA aircraft can be rented during the business hours from Monday to Saturday on regular basis.  Sunday rentals are also possible. The rentals rates are for "wet" aircraft - the fuel bills are deducted from the total price.  B-Bar-D Aviation fleet is composed of Allegro 2000 and Allegro 2007 aircraft.

The cruising speed for Allegro is about 110 miles/hour at 75% power.


Light Sport and Private Pilot Instruction

Details about our services regarding cost estimates and flight training structure for 2009-2010 can be found in this brochure.


Discovery Flights

If you are interested to experience the difference between the flight in an airliner and a two seat aircraft, be the passenger (yes, it is safe) in this affordable and full of fun twenty minutes flight. 


Enjoy the liberty of seeing the world in 3D!

Make a present to your love ones. Print this gift certificate and contact us.